Representative Projects

Ezraterra has developed, patented, fabricated and deployed multiple flameless thermal technologies
to solve environmental problems. We engage in three types of projects, listed below:

Private Brownfields | we purchase contaminated properties, solve the problem and rescue value

Private Clients | responsible parties hire us to solve their contamination problem and rescue property value

Pro Bono | we give back to a community by solving contamination problems, rescuing property value for beneficial public use

Private Brownfields

Downtown Prineville
Historic Building:
Disentanglement & Redevelopment:
Prineville, Oregon

EzraTerra recently completed a renovation
of a downtown historic building; the
building was disentangled from a regional
gasoline groundwater plume. The lower...

Brownfield Portfolio:
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Patrick acquired four brownfield properties
in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The properties
consisted of one service station, two bulk
plants and a former meat packing plant
and had been investigated and managed by
consultants for decades with no results.

P&A Wrecking Yard:
Disentanglement & Redevelopment:
Clackamas, Oregon

The P&A Auto Wrecking yard was a long
standing blighted area ridden with crime.
The property consisted of 12.5 acres of
prime industrial land. There were 3,500
wrecked automobiles on the site and...

I-5 Truck Stop:
Canyonville, Oregon

The Fat Harvey’s Truck Stop in Canyonville
was contaminated with gasoline and diesel
from leaking underground tanks and a
historical bulk plant. Soil was excavated and
treated onsite. A new $12 Million truck...

Private ClientS

Togiak Fisheries:
Togiak, Alaska

Togiak Fisheries is located in a remote
Alaska in northern Bristol Bay. The site is
only accessed by sea or air; no roads.
Togiak Fisheries historically used diesel and
gasoline to fuel electrical generators for
their freeze plant and camp operations.

Confidential Client:
Fullerton, California

Confidential Client company manufactured
medical devices at the Fullerton Plant since
the 1950s. Chlorinated hydrocarbons were
detected in soil and groundwater during a
RCRA closure investigation. The site was
overseen by the California Department...

Iron Partners Property:
Vancouver, Washington

Ezraterra staff completed a site
investigation and complete remediation of
a historic landfill containing hazardous
waste adjacent to the Columbia River using
a unique technology centered approach.
At the onset of WWII, the United States...

Rose City Plating:
Portland, Oregon

The Rose City Plating property was
contaminated with plating fluids, heavy
metals, PAHs and hydrocarbons. The site
was located in the middle of the historic
Sellwood District of Portland. The property
was a blight on the community, which...

Pro Bono

Senn’s Dairy Park Pro Bono:
Portland, Oregon

Patrick donated site remediation and consulting services to bring a Portland Brownfield site to closure. All remediation costs were born by Patrick. The remediation and demolition waste was transported to the Waste Management...