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How Do We Solve This PFAS Issue?




Our national waste infrastructure was not designed to contain or remove PFAS. PFAS has been passing through our National Waste Infrastructure unabated for decades. Our family of technologies is a perfect retrofit to today's infrastructure.

Let us help you reduce your toxic footprint! As your footprint changes, so does your liability. No matter what size infrastructure you manage, we can solve the PFAS problem for you. We possess the magic box! Our innovative assemblage of technologies provides a safe, fast and efficient treatment for landfills, sewer plants, AFFF fire fighting support and so much more. Finally, a safe solution to remove the forever chemical before it further infiltrates our environment. An immediate scalable safe technology for your infrastructure PFAS removal needs.

• Landfill leachate / gas
• POTW wastewater / biosolids
• Water treatment wastes, sludges and brines
• AFFF deployment / clean up support equipment
• Brine Pot Evaporator for PFAS brines / AFFF concentrate drying, micro-encapsulation of PFAS salts and disposal at zero-leachate discharge hazardous waste landfill



Clean the spills

PFAS occurs in nature as a complex chemical system that occurs as films. We have been able to move these amphiphilic films from one point to another, change its state of matter and reverse the process. We gained intimate knowledge on subsurface PFAS groundwater source structures.


A science-based system to disentangle individual properties from regional co-mingled plumes. We understand the complex groundwater PFAS source structure and how it functions. We can map and remove the PFAS groundwater source areas, improving groundwater quality for miles, through our macro sampling and analysis process.

Object Decontamination

Objects used for investigation and remediation are critical to ensure closure of a site. Metallic implements become contaminated with these PFAS films. Traditional decontamination techniques are not effective at removal of these films.

• Metallic implements

• Drilling & excavation implements

• Dump truck beds

Surface Decontamination

Surfaces such as concrete taxiways can become contaminated during AFFF deployment events. We can remove AFFF films from concrete surfaces.

Co-Contaminant Treatment

• Petroleum hydrocarbons and PFAS can be treated/removed concurrently

• Chlorinated solvents and PFAS can be removed concurrently

• Fractional treatment, a gradual increase in application temperature, allows for safe orderly

  contaminant treatment/removal in high contaminant concentration situations

Why we are different

A comprehensive, organized, scalable and deployable PFAS management program to deal with the entire lifecycle of waste.

 We’ve developed a multi-media technology that can retrofit into existing waste infrastructure as well as investigate and clean-up PFAS spills. We recognize that the Carbon Fluorine bond is one of the strongest in nature. Breaking the bond produces Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), which is an extremely dangerous compound that can maim or kill a person. We safely remove PFAS and condense it to a salt powder. The PFAS salts are placed in a micro encapsulation vessel and disposed in a zero leachate hazardous waste landfill.

 Our patented Sintered Wave Technology (SWT) Polarity Conversion is a comprehensive assemblage of technologies specifically designed for today’s regulatory setting and a wide variety of circumstances. It consists of:

  1. 1. On site treatment that can operate in non-attainment air basins
  2. 2. Safe, non-destructive removal of PFAS
  3. 3. 3D high resolution ground water source mapping and analysis
  4. 4. Removes PFAS from soil, sludge, colloids, fluids, surfaces, objects and air

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