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An open letter to Bucky Bailey

Bucky Bailey,

Your Father never gave up…..

Neither did we…….

This is the moment we brought PFAS contaminated soil to non-detectable levels.

The team celebrating success.

I wanted to let you know one of our team members was not able to see our finished product. Mike Holzschuh of Waste Management was not only a long-time client, he was a respected friend and colleague. We all called him “Big Mike” as he was a very large man and had a heart to match his size.

Your story brought us together, Bucky.


Big Mike was a driving inspiration to get things right.  

PFAS is different.  PFAS requires a paradigm shift in thinking to solve it.  We erased the chalk board and started from scratch. 

As Big Mike says…make a difference…there are no shortcuts…be stewards of the environment…. you don’t get a second chance to get it right.  His last words to me…Love ya Bratha…

Godspeed Bucky

It’s going to take all of us to solve PFAS.

– Patrick