Flow and Deformation of
Non-Newtonian Fluids

PFAS Facts

AFFF was released to the environment not individual PFAS chemicals

PFAS are used to modify wetting kinetics and make microemulsions that create films and that have positive spreading coefficient. 

PFAS Intra-molecular forces strong (C-F bond); however, PFAS Inter-molecular forces are weak (attractive interactions with other molecules)



“AFFF is a Non-Newtonian Fluid with Pseudoplastic and Thixotropic Properties”

Rheology describes what this sentence means, accounts for non-linear functionality and lays the framework for accurate Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) for AFFF impacted sites


Site Remediation

Non-Newtonian LNAPL meets ASTM Definition of LNAPL 

Non-Newtonian LNAPL defined by Rheology is a Groundwater Source Structure

2023 Harvard Study concludes PFAS in soil sheds to groundwater for centuries

Harvard also concludes PFAS mass under reported with standard PFAS analysis

Non Newtonian PFAS