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Let us help you reduce your toxic footprint! As your footprint changes, so does your liability.

No matter what size sewer plant you manage, we can solve the PFAS problem for you. We possess the magic box! Our innovative assemblage of technologies provides a safe, fast and efficient treatment for landfills, sewer plants, AFFF fire fighting support and so much more. Finally, a safe solution to remove the forever chemical before it further infiltrates more groundwater in your area.

Why we are different

We’ve developed a multi-media technology that can retrofit into existing waste infrastructure as well as investigate and clean-up PFAS spills.

SWT is a comprehensive assemblage of technology in a variety of circumstances that is specifically designed for today’s regulatory setting. It consists of:

  1. On site treatment that can operate in non-attainment air basins
  2. Safe removal of non-destructive PFAS
  3. 3D high resolution ground water source mapping and analysis
  4. A comprehensive, organized, scalable and deployable PFAS management program to  deal with the entire lifecycle of PFAS waste

Site Remediation

Ezraterra offers Investigation through macro sampling and analysis. The SWT is an efficient remediation solution for wastewater treatment plants, airports and various industrial complexes.

We use proprietary non-destructive technology to remove PFAS. We are capable of removing classic co-contaminants concurrently.  Our OTM-045 stack emissions test resulted in 99.99985% removal efficiency meeting Michigan Stack and ambient PFAS standards.

9th Generation Technology that has evolved since 1998

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