Remember Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)?


MTBE is a fuel oxygenate designed to reduce air pollution and replace lead in gasoline.

MTBE was less than 3% of Gasoline by weight; Over 97% of gasoline formulations were hydrocarbons eluting between C-4 to C-12.

Subsurface MTBE was easy to map because gasoline plumes were already mapped (LNAPL and associated BETX groundwater plumes). MTBE is like PFAS as PFAS is less than 1% of AFFF (PFAS stabilized formulation)

Its far easier to map spilled AFFF to understand subsurface PFAS. AFFF was spilled, not individual PFAS compounds. Just like spilled gasoline containing MTBE.

Rheological Assays are critical to the needs of Responsible Parties. Do not defend your work without a Rheological Assay. Be prepared with the entire data set not just a
small portion of the data set.