The Sintered Wave Technology successfully removes heavy crude oil from soil

The Sintered Wave Technology successful at removing heavy crude oil from soil.

Ezra Terra collected bulk soil samples (2 tons) from the McKittrick Oil springs in the San Jaquan Valley California and successfully removed the baked on heavy crude oil from the contaminated soil. There are five oil springs in the western hemisphere, three of which are located in Southern California. Ezra Terra wanted to demonstrate that the Sintered Wave Technology could remove heavy crude oil from contaminated soil. The crude oil contaminated soil was generated from natural oil springs near the town of McKittrick, California. The oil seeps from the ground and creates natural rivers of oil. The crude oil eventually dries and is baked on the soil particles from decades of sitting in the hot sun.

Total petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations were in the 70,000 ppm range before treatment. Ezra Terra was able to bring the soil concentration to non detectable levels.

Ezra Terra recently landed an exclusive contract with a $21B national firm.