Ezra Terra develops new technology

Ezra Terra recently developed a technology that prevents permafrost from melting under roads and facility pads in the arctic. Over the past 30 years the ambient temperatures have risen slightly in the arctic. The 24 hour summer sun warms the older roads and pads causing the frozen permafrost to melt leading to subsidence. These older roads and pads were thick enough when placed during the cooler ambient temperatures of the past. Today these roads and pads are sinking into the melting permafrost. Permafrost turns to soft mud when melted.

Ezra Terra has decades of experience in thermal treatment of soils to remove contaminants. This experience led us to develop our new technology to protect the permafrost in the arctic. Our technology protects the permafrost; it also reduces the volume of gravel needed for new roads and facility pads resulting in significant cost savings.